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Information on availability of the cottage and booking process, and the rates and prices can all be found by clicking          .  

While on our TripAdviser listing, scroll down the Overview page to view the calendar near the bottom, which shows availability of dates.  Enquiring about particular dates will give prices specific to our seasonal rates.   During July and August a one week minimum booking is required, with a 4 night minimum booking at other times. 

Approach to the Hythe

The Hythe is located beyond the white church on the hill, seen at the top left of the photograph above. As you skirt around the harbour and turn the corner to beyond the church you will see the approach below, with the Crooked Hythe on the left, and Beachfront Cottage on the right.

approaching Beachfront Cottage, 5 The Hythe, Findochty
Beachfront Cottage

The house was built in 1873, and was originally two adjacent fisherman's cottages. It was combined into one property more than twenty five years ago, and now has four bedrooms (can sleep 7), two bathrooms, modern kitchen, dining area, utility room and lounge, and is ideally equipped for a relaxing holiday.

Beachfront Cottage, 5 The Hythe, Findochty
Crooked Hythe

Beachfront Cottage looks directly onto Crooked Hythe (def. small haven, landing place, port), and is within 120ft of the sandy beach. There's nothing better than awakening in the morning to the sound of the waves breaking ashore. 

The sea inlet made this the perfect location for a natural harbour, and in the early 1900s was the site for a bustling boatyard. 

Dolphins can be seen regularly out at sea, and very occasionally Orcas.

Crooked Hythe, Findochty
The Terrace

The south facing terrace at the rear of the cottage has a table and chairs for alfresco dining, a deck, and a separate small terrace to the side has a bench to take in the sea views in the morning.  

Just out of camera view and above the terrace is the white church on the hill. The sound of the church bells on a Sunday morning make it an even more iconic sight.

The terrace and main deck at the rear of the cottage
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